Monday, July 25, 2005

Don't go to England!

So, with the new policicy of the Brits, we can't go to, or through, England. Many computer scientists in my generation have:
1. Long hair.
2. Beard.
3. Rucksack with laptop and a gazillion of electronic gadgets.
4. A haunted look in their eyes, as we're mentally preparing to present our excellent and clear thinking to some ignorant bastards somewhere.
If you look like this, you'll be shot in England.
Also, if you have a problem not being a native English speaker and with 3 people in civillian clothes running towards you with hand guns, looking like they'd like to kill you... yes, They probably will.
The only thing to do is to NOT go to Blair's Fascist England. I hope that one day, we'll have the equivalent of the Nurnberg trials, where Bush and Blair are sent to jail forever.


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