Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zeitgeist addendum



Blogger Lette said...

well we just signed up to the movement anyhow :)

5:40 pm  
Anonymous Xyz said...

quite a few conspiracy theories and myths bundled in with some interesting facts. Add the music and it all feels like impending doom. Sometimes we should question the counter-movements just as much as we should question the establishment. This film is propaganda of a different flavor and there are many others like it out there, beware.

10:54 pm  
Blogger cyberviking said...

No worries. I think it helps to re-adjust ones vocabulary when listening to all the econo-speak. I heard the Irish Minister of Finance today talk about negative growth. Silly-bugger!!! If it's not growing, it's shrinking, malnourished or dead.
Still, if people could realize the importance of doing rather than profiteering, we would probably be better of, all of us.

12:17 am  

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