Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back from Brussels

Mon-Wed was used for going to Brussels to participate in launching the new COST action on Sonic Interaction Design.
Apart from work, we had the opportunity to re-explore food in Brussels. I would strongly recommend:
(owners Kzutomi & Kyoko Watanabe)
13 Rue de la Fourche
1000 Bruxells
Phone: 02-5118367


Blogger Eoin Brazil said...

I will have to double or even triple Mikael's recommendation. It was the best family / tradition Sushi place I've been at, the one near Kyoto station is still the best kaiten-zushi place.

Overall, it was a great meeting and I was really glad to get a chance with Mikael to participate the Irish delegation for the new action.

11:24 pm  
Anonymous Per said...

Well, Brussels. Raises some memories from the good ol' days. Harris? ;)

8:46 am  

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